I’ll admit that initially I was a tad miffed by the sudden price increase from Netflix, but after some deep and meaningful internal dialogue, I was fine with it. Happy even. I love Netflix, and I stream something from them nearly every day. I used to use the DVDs, but lately they’ve been more of a hassle than they’re worth, and I find the effort of walking over to the DVD player to be increasingly annoying as time goes by. In many cases where once I would have popped in a movie or TV show DVD, I will forego watching whatever that is and instead pick something from Netflix to stream. It helps that they have dozens of shows and movies that seem directed precisely at me. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Documentaries are my go-to categories, and Netflix carries them in spades.

The indignation that swept the internet in the days following the price hike were a little insane. I’d say the backlash rivaled The Great New Facebook Riots of 2008, though that may be a slight exaggeration. Probably more along the lines of this year’s Facebook Chatsplosion. My guess is that there are at least a few “9 Million Strong against the Netflix Price Hikes” groups floating around out there. Because nothing gets people’s attention like a Facebook protest. But in truth, DVDs and CDs are a dying medium, and mailing things is expensive. Streaming means you never pop in that movie you’ve been wanting to see and it skips every 3 seconds because someone let their 5-year-old use it as a frisbee or a palette for their budding crayon artistry. I’ve even seen what could only have been melted ice cream congealed onto the important side of a disc. The streaming option alleviates these problems and adds the benefits of letting you get even lazier than you were. Plus, it’s a bargain. So hopefully the internet will see this post and come to its senses. Seems likely.

Source: Funny or Die

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