The Sealander

Though “Sealander” is perhaps the most obvious name for this amphibious trailer, I still think it’s probably the best name. It’s slightly evocative of The Highlander, the immortal swordsman of whom there can be only one, plus it’s a trailer…that is also a boat. “But Ted,” I hear you say, “Why don’t I just buy a REAL boat and put it on a cheap trailer? I can still sleep in that, and it’s definitely got better boat qualities than any trailer would.” Well let me answer your question with THREE questions.

  1. Your boat may have better boat capabilities than my trailerboat, or boatrailer, or something, but is it cute? Cuteness is a crucial consideration when traveling the highways, byways, and waterways of this great nation.
  2. Why would you put your boat on a cheap trailer? That’s just asking for disaster. Cruisin’ for a bruisin’, you might say.
  3. Who wants to sleep in a boat? The beauty of the Sealander is that when you’re boating in it, it’s a boat; but when you’re sleeping in it, well then it’s a trailer.

Look, the most important thing to take away from this is that Germany is kicking America’s ass when it comes to small form-factor trailers-that-double-as-boats. Hell, even Argo is based in Canada! We need to get on this! Line it with neon or something, give it a plexiglass bottom so we can watch the catfish swim around in their last moments of freedom before we go noodlin’ and toss them in the fryer! We can do this. I believe in America. I believe we can win the future of amphibious trailers, and create jobs in the process!


P.S. – I just heard they’re starting production on remakes of Highlander AND Point Break! If you ask me, which I’m sure they won’t, they should combine them into a Grindhouse-style double feature, and intersperse the films with slapstick vignettes featuring Keanu, Busey, Lambert and Connery. But maybe I’m crazy and should stick to writing about boatrailers and such.

Source: Sealander

Via: Engadget

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