Beer, boomboxes, and 15,000 people on bikes

This weekend, a bunch of my friends and I got together and “rode” our bikes in the 2011 Tour de Fat in Ft. Collins. I say “rode” because it’s difficult to actually ride when you’re packed along with hundreds of other people in costume on bikes onto the narrow streets of old town Ft. Collins. It’s more accurate to say we waddled our bikes. On occasion we actually dismounted and walked them when the traffic got really heavy, but most of the time you didn’t want to leave your seat for fear of a sudden parting of the waters that would let you actually ride for a few feet. That second or two it  takes you to get on the seat might cost you some half-decent wind in your hair.

It was a lot of fun. There were some fantastic costumes, including a pirate ship with a bedsheet sail, a covered wagon adorned with a sign announcing “You have died of dysentery,” and a close-to-full-sized DeLorean containing two bikes ridden side-by-side by Doc Brown and Marty McFly. One out of every 20 bikes or so had a giant speaker hooked up to a car battery blasting music. Oh, and there were two jerks in karate gear riding mopeds and weaving in and out of cyclists. In a bike rally that’s all about not driving cars. I guess they really wanted to win. Seeing as this event was sponsored by the New Belgium brewing company, it’s safe to say there was a LOT of drinking. One report I read said that something on the order of 220 kegs were served, and that’s just at the official festivities. I know we drank our fair share of beer that morning, and some of the people on the ride had already had a bit more than theirs.

We met in the morning for potluck breakfast burritos and breakfast beer, which is a lot like regular beer, except you drink it in the morning and you feel like an alcoholic. We made the 4.5-ish mile journey in about 2 hours, then regrouped back at the house for more drinking and lunch. In our group, the costumes were as follows: One of those Tapout-shirt-wearing, sideways-cap-sporting guys (me), a strawberry (Lindsey), Butterbear (yes, from The Wuzzles), Darkwing Duck, He-Man and She-Ra, two hipsters, a washed up lounge singer (complete with a cigarette in her hair and a flask in her garter), a guy wearing only long johns, and Lucille Ball.

I’d post pictures, but it’s probably better if you just search Flickr or some other photo site for Tour de Fat. Mostly it’s better because I’m lazy, but I’m sure there are other reasons as well.

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One Response to Beer, boomboxes, and 15,000 people on bikes

  1. I ATE a strawberry while dressed in my strawberry costume.