The Kindle Fire will have Netflix and Pandora at launch!


As we got closer and closer to the Kindle Fire’s launch I was starting to get worried about the state of the Amazon App store (mainly, its lack of a Netflix app).  Even more paranoid, I also had some little whispering concerns in the back of my head that Amazon was going to try something awful like locking it’s awesome new tablet in to the Amazon streaming services.

But no worries!  Gizmodo reports that the new Kindle Fire will be launching with Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, and all your favorite Android games next week.  Amazon is reviewing all the apps in their app store and beefing up the selection and compatibility for launch.

I haven’t pre-ordered one, but this is just one more check on my checklist for purchasing one.  I’ll wait until the first reviews are out, but I’ll most likely be purchasing one in December.

via Kindle Fire Will Have Apps for Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, and Tons of Games Next Week [Kindle Fire].

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