Nook Tablet only allows 1GB of non-B&N Storage


Oh, Nook Tablet.  Even though you weren’t going to hit the sweet price point of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, you were still respectable.  UNTIL THIS!

Some users discovered, upon receiving their new Nook Tablets a little early, that only 1GB of the Nook Tablet’s 16GB of internal storage is available for non-B&N purchased content.  This makes the larger internal storage of the Nook Tablet (one of its much-touted advantages to the Kindle Fire) pretty gimped.

Due to the Nook Tablet’s expandable storage, it’s not the end of the world.  But it pretty much ups the entry-price on the device to include the cost of a microSD card.  B&N also says that they will be working with partners and 3rd-party vendors to allow them to use some of the space currently reserved for B&N-only content.

via Nook Tablet limits internal storage for non-B&N purchased content to 1GB.

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