Problems with the U.N.’s Human Development Index

An interesting share (and discussion) is over on io9 concerning the U.N.’s Human Development Index, which rates the world’s countries on a scale of human development.  Chuluun Togtokh, a Mongolian environmental analyst, wrote an op-ed in Nature in which he argues that sustainability should be a factor in the development index.  That is, countries that pollute too much or use too many non-renewable resources have an artificially high (and unsustainable) development index score.  When he recalculated the Human Development Index to include sustainability, the U.S. dropped from #4 down to #28 and Canada dropped from #6 to #24.  Still at the top with the #1 position is my favorite country, Norway.

via Why the U.N.’s Development Index is destroying the future [Futurism].

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