Women to the back of the bus

Private Transportation Corporation is a hasidic-owned private company that is paid by New York City to operate a public bus line that happens to serve two Hasidic communities.  The official policy on their buses is that women must sit in the back while men sit in the front and the two cannot mix.

The English on their sign is innocuous enough, saying “Women should be allowed to board the bus first.”  But in the Yiddish part of the sign, it reads:

“According to the psak of the rabbis, men should concentrate themselves in the front seats in the first half of the bus, and women in the second half. Under no circumstances will men be allowed to stand in the second half of the bus, among the women, nor will women be allowed among the men in the first half of the bus.”

To reiterate, this is a public bus line funded by New York City’s taxpayer money.  I wonder what happens when a non-Yiddish-speaking woman gets on the bus and sits at the front; do they kick her off?

via Hasidic Bus Company: Ladies, Sit in the Back of Our Bus.

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