And this year’s most hated minority? Atheists again!

The Public Religion Research Institute’s 2011 American Values Survey seems mostly concerned with America’s feelings on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism (apparently only 42% of Americans even know that Romney is a Mormon).  But another portion of the survey dealt with how comfortable Americans would be with presidential candidates of various religions.

Once again, Atheism narrowly beat out Islam as the belief Americans would be most uncomfortable with a presidential candidate holding.  In all, 67% of voters would be uncomfortable with an atheist president.

One of our country’s founding principles is the separation of church and state.  Why is a belief in God still essentially a prerequisite for public office?  Would it really be so bad to have a president who valued reason and science above any of the many gods reflected in our country’s diverse religions?

via Would You Be Comfortable with an Atheist President? 2011 Survey Says….

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2 Responses to And this year’s most hated minority? Atheists again!

  1. Pffffffft, atheists? I prefer to call them Godless blood-sucking barbarians.