Keurig Schmeurig, I want one of these

Keurig coffee makers are pretty cool. A bit pricey considering you can do better with a glass jar and a plunger at a fraction of the cost, but cool nonetheless, and a must I’m sure for the businessperson on the go. But suffice it to say that when the U.S. Government finally gives me my Internet money and I become a millionaire, I will have one of these in my kitchen. And if only it could dispense Diet Coke as well, Lindsey would really want it too!

In the words of Wayne Campbell, “It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine…”

via Engadget – Scanomat TopBrewer brings iPhone control, elegant design to single-cup coffee makers (video).

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One Response to Keurig Schmeurig, I want one of these

  1. Please continue to make more Wayne’s World references.

    Thank you.