Are you outraged?

GenerationXeroFilms has created a two-part video entitled “Anything But an Atheist!” compiling clips of people denigrating atheists, interspersed with poignant images of notable atheists. Take a few minutes and watch these videos. If at the end, you’re not outraged, I ask you to think about how you would feel if you heard a religious leader, member of the media, or celebrity say any of the following things.

Blacks are parasites who add nothing to society.

Jews are as untrustworthy as rapists.

Homosexuals are sad human beings.

These are all things that prominent individuals have said about atheists – AND PEOPLE THINK IT’S OK. Why are atheists the one minority it’s acceptable (and indeed popular) to openly despise? What has our minority done to deserve this? Contribute disproportionately to math and science? Appreciate the natural beauty of reality? Believe in the capability and goodness of humanity?

via Anything But an Atheist! (Part 2).

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