An honest blogger loses it

I struggled with the title on this post because there’s so much emotion tied up in the story that I just couldn’t convey in a short title. I came across this blog post today, and it made me really sad. It’s a showcase of some of the evillest aspects of American culture, from catcalls to homophobia and the ridiculous notion that lesbians are hot unless they don’t want to sleep with a guy, which if I’m not mistaken is the very definition of the term. It’s disgusting that these behaviors are so often accepted socially.

I’m not saying that she was justified in hitting the guy, far from it, but we’ve all been there. Who hasn’t experienced a slow buildup of annoyances that led to a sudden explosion of anger at someone who didn’t deserve it? It’s wrong, but it’s human, and I think that’s the ultimate moral of this story. Everyone’s a person, and deserves to be treated as such. So be nice to people.

via Sparkle All Day

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