Two weeks ago, a good friend came out to visit us for his birthday. This friend happens to enjoy drinking beer as much as I do, a quality that is rare in the people who come visit us from out of state. Needless to say I was excited about sharing all the fantastic beer that Colorado has to offer. What follows is a detailed account of just how much beer we drank over the course of 5 days. Some parts of it…may shock you.

We took it slow at first, consuming a bomber (22 oz) between us each night. The reason for this was that I had work the next day, and we didn’t have all that much time to drink as I get home from work fairly late these days. Also we were saving up for Saturday, his official birthday, for the concerted beer tasting effort, as you will see.

  • Tuesday: We kicked off the celebeeration with Great Divide‘s Espresso Oak-Aged Yeti, one of the best Imperial Stouts I’ve ever had. For me, it even blows other Yetis out of the water. 9.5% ABV
  • Wednesday: We went a little lighter tonight, sharing a bomber of Delirium Tremens, a Belgian golden from the Huyghe brewery in Melle, Belgium. Not a local brew, I know, but it’s just so delicious. I couldn’t resist. 8.5% ABV

  • Thursday: Tonight we had some friends over for a potluck and had several different types of beer. Among them were Left Hand‘s Fade to Black Pepper Porter (7.2%) and Tommyknocker‘s IPA (6.2%).
  • Friday: Once more unto the breach with another imperial stout, and it doesn’t get much more local than The Count from Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland.
  • Saturday: Today was the day of the tasting. We drove up to Fort Collins for a beer and dessert tour for the ages. I planned the beer and Lindsey planned the desserts. It was fantastical. We started at Equinox Brewing, where we got both taster trays, which amounted to 11 4-oz tasters, listed below (* indicates a favorite of mine):
    • Sunrise Golden Ale – 5.25% ABV
    • O’Rion Irish Red – 5%
    • Night Ryder Munich Dunkel – 5.7%
    • Eclipse Brown – 5.3%
    • Mr. Delicious Oatmeal Stout – 5.5%
    • Zenith IPA – 6%
    • *The Details – a Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale – 9.2%
    • Darth Vernal Dunkelweizen – 5.2%
    • *Star Destroyer Imperial IPA – 8.6%
    • Red Dwarf Amber Ale – 5.3%
    • Universal Porter – 5.2%
  • Saturday, part 2: From Equinox we left for Mary’s Mountain Cookies, where cookies were eaten. We got a sugar cookie with avocado frosting and a blueberry cheesecake cookie. The avocado frosting was delicious, but didn’t really taste like avocado to us, and the blueberry cheesecake cookie was exactly as good as it sounds. After letting all that beer and cookie settle for a while, we trekked to Coopersmith’s Pub & Brewing for another round of tasting at 2 to 4 ounces per beer. Here’s what we tried:
    • Punjabi Pale Ale – 6.8% ABV
    • *Sigda’s Green Chile (Anaheim & Serrano peppers) – 5.4%
    • Picante Ale (Sigda’s + Jalapeño & Cumin) – 5.4%
    • Golden Scimitar IPA – 6.1%
    • *Belgian Style Kriek Ale – 7.4%
    • Albert Damm Bitter – 4.8%
    • Poor Richard’s – 7%
    • Poudre Pale Ale – 5.3%
  • Saturday, part 3: Sufficiently sloshy at this point, we went for another dessert round at The Chocolate Cafe. Here we split two desserts among the three of us, a slice each of chocolate pecan pie and chocolate peanut butter pie. Ridiculous, I know, but so delicious. Michael and I also each got an espresso. Fun fact: espresso at TCC is bottomless, which is not something I’ve ever seen at a restaurant. As you may have guessed, by now we are both stuffed and tipsy, so we decide to take a break from stuffing our faces and drive back to Loveland. A short break, since we went to Grimm Bros for a second dose of their tasty brews. As I mentioned, we had already had The Count, so we went for the full taster tray, which contains their eleven other beers in 4-oz glasses, as follows (I don’t have ABVs for Grimm’s beers, but I’ll try to find out and post an update):
    • Snow Drop Honey Wheat Ale
    • Little Red Cap Alt Style Ale
    • *The Fearless Youth Dunkel
    • Master Thief Porter
    • *The Griffin Hefeweizen
    • Biere de Grimm (Biere de Garde style ale)
    • Grimm Barley Wine
    • *Brett Bock
    • 7 Ravens schwarzbier
    • The Bleeding Heart Chocolate Cherry porter
    • Three Golden Hairs pilsner

So there you have it. Over the course of 5 days, we tried over 35 beers, and it was wonderful.

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