The Cult of the Green Dragon – How Environmentalism is Anti-Christian

I’m a couple years late on this, but I saw it recently and found it too funny not to post. In late-2010 many Christian leaders joined forces to create a 12-part DVD series entitled Resisting the Green Dragon. This series shows that environmentalism and concern over global warming are anti-Christian and untrue. Here’s a cobbled-together trailer from RWW:

Let’s disregard for a second that no scientific body of national or international standing maintains a dissenting opinion on man-made global warming and that 98% of climate scientists believe in man-made global warming. I STILL don’t understand the logic in this video. “God gave us dominion over the Earth… so that means we can’t possibly do anything to hurt it?”

via Wildmon: Efforts to Prevent Human-Influenced Climate Change are ‘Anti-Christian’.

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