Tor-Forge publishers going to strip DRM from their titles

This is really cool. Not only is Tor awesome because of all the great SF/F they publish, but they’re also a huge name, which bodes well for other publishers following suit. That is, if this little experiment pans out, which I think it will. Sure, there will be some (read: a lot) of piracy, but I feel like there’s been a cultural shift lately toward rewarding creators for their creations, particularly when said creators cultivate the warm fuzzies between themselves and their fans, which SF/F writers tend to do, perhaps more so than writers in other genres.

So here’s how I see this transition going:

  1. July: Tor/Forge goes DRM-free
  2. August: Torrent sites explode with Tor books
  3. September: Tor/Forge sees an increase in sales because people downloaded one author’s book, liked it, and decided to buy the next one for their Sony e-Reader (you think these people have Kindles?)
  4. Later September: And there was much rejoicing.

via The Verge

image via MacMillan/Tor-Forge

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