It is Illegal to Fire a Woman for Being Pregnant – NO EXCEPTIONS

Cathy Samford was a middle-school science teacher at Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, Texas. She was recently fired for being pregnant. This is a violation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. This pregnant mother and her two children are now without income and insurance. She is living and paying medical bills using her tax return. Once that is spent, she does not know what she will do.

She is suing the school. This is an open and shut case, right? Well, not so fast – did I mention that she wasn’t married? What’s that, you say, hypothetical conversation partner? It doesn’t matter because we don’t yet live in a theocracy and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act still applies?

One last fact – the school is a private Christian school. Of course, that doesn’t matter – even private institutions cannot discriminate against pregnant women. The only loophole that would allow this school to legally fire Cathy Samford for unwed pregnancy would be if she were, herself, a religious minister. So that is exactly what the school is trying to claim.

Cathy (who is clearly much kinder than me) even attempted to resolve the situation amicably. She told the school she would move forward her marriage to the father (her fiancee) if it meant keeping her job. The school declined.

Personally, I hope she sues this school into bankruptcy. I would love to see the students relocated to a school where misogyny is not the status quo and illegal discrimination is not practiced.

via Christian School Fires Teacher for Not Getting Married Quickly Enough.

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