46% of Americans Are Creationists. Church is to Blame.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 46% of Americans believe that God created humans whole and as-is, with no evolution. An additional 32% believe that humans evolved, but that the process was directed by God.

To put this in perspective, the nation-wide view on creationism has not changed significantly since 1986 – more than 25 years ago. Almost half of the U.S. population does not believe in the scientific fact of human evolution, which is overwhelmingly supported by all available data.

What was the single largest factor in denial of evolution? Church attendance. Those who attend church weekly are ~2.7x more likely to deny evolution than those who attend church seldom/never.

Many of the evils perpetrated by religion can be blamed on racism and sexism which, while codified doctrines in most world religions, are not exclusive to religious people. But this outright denial of fact in the face of all evidence is the very definition of faith. This is a clear example of religion damaging American’s understanding of one of the basic tenets of biology. What’s worse is that this near-majority will vote based on this flawed understanding. Those votes will control our elected officials, school textbooks, and ultimately the entire society in which we live.

via Gallup Poll: 46% of Americans Are Creationists.

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