It’s like boiling, but without getting your food all wet

I’ve been wanting to try sous-vide cooking for a while, ever since I saw it on Iron Chef America. It looks so complex and magical…Stick your food in an airless bag, drop it in hot water, watch it bounce around for a while and then it’s perfectly cooked throughout! But be careful, because you need to dial in the temperature to within fractions of a degree or it’s ruined! Sadly, the setups they use on IC:A are kinda pricey for someone who just wants to try it because they saw it on TV. Thankfully, Nomiku has my back. They have a Kickstarter project going for a small, at-home sous-vide immersion heater that looks pretty awesome, and is supposed to sell for $300. For comparison, here’s a bucket-type cooker for $429, and one of the Iron Chef types for a whopping $1,705.

Side note: The Verge is my new favorite gadget blog.

via The Verge –  Nomiku home immersion cooker promises simpler, cheaper gourmet meals.

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