First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs Won’t Allow Black Marriage

Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson were scheduled to be married at the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. A few days before the ceremony, a number of church members began to vehemently protest what would have been the first black marriage at the church, telling the pastor that if he performed the marriage at their church they would vote him out. The pastor caved to pressure from his congregation and moved the wedding to a nearby church.


Honestly, being from Mississippi, I’m a little surprised at this particular brand of racism. I would almost expect Mississippi churches to refuse to marry an interracial couple (and certainly a gay couple). But a black man marrying a black woman? I can only assume they wish blacks would stop procreating altogether.

In the above interview with the pastor, he claims he was looking out for Charles and Te’Andrea by moving the wedding – that he “didn’t want controversy to affect the wedding.” While I’m glad he didn’t completely leave the couple high-and-dry without a minister, we can’t pretend this venue change just days before the wedding wasn’t HUGE inconvenience. It seems like he failed in his responsibility as a pastor to use this teachable moment. Isn’t this exactly the sort of evil he is supposed to help his flock move past?

via Church to Couple: We Can’t Let You Get Married Here Because You’re Black.

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