The most hipster of notebooks, now with geek cred [UPDATED]

Ever see that “moleskine guy” sitting in the coffee shop? You know who I mean: legs crossed, thick-rimmed glasses sagging a bit on his slender nose, scribbling pure art in a too-small notebook that’s tilted just so, allowing you to see its trademark matte finish and elastic band. “Oh…” you breathe, “a mu-mu-mu…moleskin…” But he stops you right there. “Please. It’s pronounced MOE-luh-SKEE-nuh.” So you kick him in the shin and walk away (no? just me?). Well NOW that moleskine guy can show off his cool notebook AND his iPhone at the same time!

Evernote just announced it’s partnering with Moleskine to bring the Evernote Smart Notebook to the huddled masses. See, you can write in it, then take a picture of it with your iPhone. (Android users wait in line, and be thankful you’re ahead of Blackberry) Suddenly the expertly crafted tasting notes you just wrote about your skinny-vanilla-chai-soy-latte-extra-whip are preserved forever on The Net and will be readily accessible for uploading to your tumblr. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, have I told you that there are STICKERS? Each notebook comes with a sheet of stickers you can use to tag your note with one of six customizable tags.

Alright, all silliness aside, I think this is pretty cool. According to the press release, you can use the page snapshot function in the new Evernote app (iOS only for now, as I mentioned before) with any paper you want, BUT, if you use it with the Smart Notebook it auto-aligns everything using dots on the page, which will help out the app’s handwriting recognition so your notes become searchable. I also really like that cover, with the embossed Evernote icons.

The only problems I have with it are 1) the cost: $25 for pocket (3.5″x5.5″), $30 for large (5″x8.25″), which is pretty steep for a notebook; and 2) the limited sticker range – sure you can change the tags to whatever you want, but it would be nice if you could take a picture of your Lisa Frank Banana with Sunglasses stickers and have them mean something.

UPDATE: Engadget has a hands on of the Smart Notebook, here. Apparently it didn’t perform exactly as billed when demoed on a show floor, but those are hardly standard use conditions. Hopefully it’s better when used in a coffee shop, library, or home office. I still really like that cover.

via Evernote; images via Evernote and Lisa Frank

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