Jezebel tells Yahoo where to stick it

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for articles that tear apart the drivel that comes from men’s and women’s magazines (see: this, this, this and this, for starters). So when I saw the title of this Jezebel post, “Listen Up, Ladies: Here’s Everything Real Men Think Is Wrong With You,” I had to read it, and it doesn’t disappoint. I don’t know where they got these “real men” to give their opinion on what aspects of their girlfriends/wives beauty turns them off, but something tells me that most of them are headed for not having girlfriends/wives anymore. It’s a quick and funny read, although it does make you sad for the people who actually get their sex advice from “Shine from Yahoo!” and places like it.

On a semi-related note, I saw Amy Schumer‘s stand-up on Comedy Central this weekend, and I really liked it. It’s certainly explicit, but she has a great bit about women and men getting ready to go out, and another one where she talks about people always asking her if it’s harder to be a female comedian.

via Jezebel

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