“I regret that I have but one nose to give for the LGBT community”

Civil rights attorney and media personality Ron Kuby was walking home from work through New York’s Chelsea neighborhood when he witnessed a young woman randomly and inexplicably shouting the anti-gay slur, “faggot.” As Kuby walked by, he remonstrated the woman, telling her to “stop with the faggot stuff” and telling her that she was “in the middle of Chelsea” (apparently a hub of LGBT fashion and dining).

In response, the woman yelled “Shut up old man!” to the 56-year-old Kuby, slapping him and knocking his glasses to the ground. At that point, the woman’s boyfriend punched Kuby in the face and he fell to the ground bleeding from the nose. Onlookers called authorities and the couple was arrested fleeing from the scene. Interviewed later by the Daily News, Kuby quipped, “I regret that I have but one nose to give for the LGBT community.”

I would love to say that I’d have done the same were I in Kuby’s shoes, but I’ve been in similar situations and kept my mouth shut. On occasion, I’ve even kept my mouth shut when people I know say sexist and anti-gay things. I commend his bravery and wish this had not escalated to violence culminating in the assault of a 56-year-old man.

via “I Regret That I Have But One Nose to Give,” Says Lawyer Who Was Punched in It.

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