Read this excellent profile of Triforce Johnson, gaming guru

Polygon’s Chris Plante calls Triforce Johnson “the world’s most patient gamer,” but that only scratches the surface. It’s no small feat that he’s been first in line for 8 console launches, but what I find even more amazing is how even-keeled and normal he comes across, and I love that. Most profiles of uber-dedicated gamers I’ve seen (King of Kong, Chasing Ghosts) have focused on their weird or abnormal personality quirks, what sets them apart from the “normal,” non-gamer part of humanity. While that’s definitely a valid point, since the sub-culture of gamers often attracts the introverts like yours truly, it’s nice to see well-adjusted gamers getting noticed as well. Triforce is just a guy who loves games, and oh by the way happened to change his name to Triforce. Plante’s piece is an excellent read, opening a window onto why Triforce is so dedicated, what drives him. Some might have written him up as some sort of superhuman, but Plante keeps him on earth, bringing out the melancholy of his story and showing that he’s as flawed as any of us.

And here’s Triforce’s Empire Arcadia homepage, if you were thinking of joining a competitive gaming team.

via Polygon / image via Polygon

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