This game is so hard, Mavis Beacon would cry

I loved Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing when I was growing up. 

Quit floating, Granny!

Yes, I was (am) a huge dork, but it’s something I’ve come to embrace. I had the kids version, and typing words correctly made little Mavis do things like clean her room, make soup, and tend the lawn. Her Grandma never did ANYTHING, except apparently hover above her four-poster bed. Creepy, Grandma…creepy. Side note: I was way better at the game than the person who took that screenshot. And if you click it, you can buy the game for only $14.95, but be forewarned that it is not compatible with Windows XP, or even Vista. So just double check that you’re running a fully updated version of Windows 3.1, 95/98 or Me before checking out.

Typing Karaoke might just one-up Mavis. Granted, it’s not going to necessarily teach you to type, rather it will make you feel terrible how much you’ve forgotten of those typing lessons from your childhood. And while TK’s graphics might not meet the high standards of Brøderbund in 1994, Mavis never dreamed of typing something so difficult as real-time pop lyrics. It’s a good diversion for the middle of the afternoon, though I can’t say it’ll become part of my normal casual game rotation.

Aaaaand while we’re on the subject of karaoke, time for some shameless self-promotion! Have you ever been paralyzed by indecision at your karaoke bar? Wished that somebody would simply tell you what you want to sing? Wish no more! SongThrong will do just that. Pull it up on your smaryphone, fill out a quick survey and we’ll suggest something for you to sing.

via The Verge

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