Top Ten Key and Peele Sketches

I recently discovered Key and Peele on YouTube, and since I’ve now watched almost all, if not all of their sketches, I believe I’m somewhat of an expert. Allow me to enlighten you on what I believe are their 10 best. For the sake of cohesiveness, I am excluding all of the clip introduction segments where the guys are talking on stage. Season 1 was great, and the show’s on season 2 now, and I’m really looking forward to more from these guys.

10. You Can Do Anything

9. Dubstep

8. LMFAO’s Non-Stop Party

7. Hell’s Kitchen Parody

6. School Bully

5. East/West College Bowl

4. I Said Bitch

3. Obama Loses his SH*T (BTW, I put this one up because it’s the first in the series. They’re all pretty funny, but some WAY more than others. I recommend watching all of them!)

2. Substitute Teacher

1. Pizza Order

Honorable Mention: Suburban Zombies
Great idea, love Kevin Sorbo, but the ending was sub-par for me.

Here’s a YouTube playlist I made of these videos: Key & Peele Top 10

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