Gay Mormon comes out on tape

I love this video – LOVE IT. This gay Mormon video-taped himself coming out to his friends and family on what they now call “G-Day”. There are some great reactions. I especially like the sister at 1:36 and the Mom at 2:20.


I would really recommend reading Jimmy’s whole blog post – it’s fascinating. His homosexuality hasn’t interfered with his belief in the Church. Since the Church condemns homosexual acts, Jimmy’s plan is to remain celibate for the remainder of his life.

Watching the video, you may be surprised (I know I was) that there’s not a single strongly negative reaction (mostly just disbelief). On his blog, he also indicates that every Mormon he’s come out to has been “great.” I’m glad he’s lucky enough to have friends and family that didn’t lecture him or condemn him outright, but I’d hardly characterize the reactions from the video as “great.” I understand many of them are surprised, but they certainly could have been more supportive. For instance, the very first time he came out in an unplanned conversation with his bishop:

“So, are you dating anyone.”

“Nope.” I shamelessly replied.

“Well that’s not good.” my bishop said.

“I don’t want to date anyone.”  Then my bishop looked at me,

“Do you experience feelings of same-gender attraction?”  What?!  All I said is I don’t want to date anyone, how does he…?  ‘This is real.  Oh gosh, this is very real.’  I paused a good while.  I looked at my bishop and in a weak voice replied,

“Yeah.”  I had never wanted to die more than that moment.  Finally realizing the fact.  Affirming the fact.  Loathing the fact.  Breaking through the denial was almost more than I could take.  A few words were exchanged and then my bishop looked at me and with genuine empathy said,

“That sucks.”

I frankly wonder how long he’ll be happy in a religion that expects him to, as he puts it, “remain celibate until you DIE.” Nevertheless, I think we can all be happy that he’s out; hopefully this is just the first step.

via Gay Mormon Comes Out of the Closet… and Gets It All on Tape.

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