Glass snowboard screams down a mountain

Network A is a YouTube channel that calls itself “the hub for action sports.” They have videos on a huge variety of snow, water, and road sports videos, but I just stumbled upon their latest one, which is pretty amazing. Network A’s monthly show “Every Third Thursday” is hosted by Dave Lee, owner & CEO of Signal Snowboards, who takes crazy snowboard concepts and turns them into real snowboards, which he of course tests. In their latest video, they take you through the process of making a snowboard with Italian glass. It’s a 5-day process, and the whole video plays out a lot like an episode of How It’s Made, but with a killer snowboard ride at the end. Check it out!


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2 Responses to Glass snowboard screams down a mountain

  1. That board looks sick! I want one… Gotta love Signal Snowboards. They always come up with craziest ideas for boards

    • Thanks for the comment! It’s definitely a sweet board, but it looks like it’s basically one-time-use only. Pretty pricey for one day of boarding!