Macklemore x Ryan Lewis are amazing

I may be late to this party,  but I don’t care. I love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, like a lot. I saw “Thrift Shop” [AmazonMP3 | iTunes] first, and it spoke deeply to my thrifty sensibilities. So here’s that video, just push play.

So that was fucking awesome. It’s alright if you want to watch it again, I’ll wait.

So now that you’ve filled up on the Thrift Shop, it’s time to hit you with how supremely incredible these guys are. Watch “Same Love” [AmazonMP3 | iTunes] and tell me it doesn’t hit you right in your gut. Lump in your throat? Yeah, me too.

So they’re original, creative, hilarious AND they’re spreading a message of acceptance and love! I just bought their latest album The Heist [AmazonMP3 | iTunes], and it’s all really good. These are the kind of rappers and musicians we need to support.

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