Kwikset 909 Smartcode Deadbolt Review

Kwikset unboxing

My wife and I recently had a security scare. It turned out to be nothing more than us leaving the door unlocked, but that in itself is a problem. We do it all too often. To combat this, we decided to install some new deadbolts which automatically lock. After some research, we chose the Kwikset 909 Smartcode Deadbolt which we found on sale for $99.

The deadbolt has the added benefit of a keypad on the outside, which frankly we didn’t care too much about but all the auto-locking deadbolts we found had this feature. We bought three of them. The installations were swift and without incident. Here are some pictures of the installation on my garden door.

Kwikset 1

Kwikset 2


Kwikset 3

Kwikset 4

The interior assembly has a number of switches (see below) that let you control various aspects of the functionality, including the auto-locking.

Kwikset 5

Also on the assembly is a button which lets you program one of two entry codes. We have one for ourselves and the other for anyone who needs access (maid, dogwalker, contractor, etc.) Here’s what the final thing looks like from the inside with the cover on.

Kwikset 6

In summary, I’m pretty happy with the locks. We’ve been using them a couple months so far and the batteries haven’t died yet. The auto-locking is good but not great. Sure enough, 30 seconds after you unlock the door it re-locks. However, there’s no guarantee the door will be closed when that happens. In fact, one time the auto-lock kicked in right as I was closing the door and it slammed on the deadbolt hard; I thought I’d broken the thing. The 30-second auto-lock has trained us to open and close the door quickly, which is good for our energy bill, but kind of stressful. The other quibble I have is that the cover that goes over the interior assembly is a cheap-feeling plastic. It seems out-of-place considering the rest of the lock is heavy-duty.

Nonetheless, at $99 this is a great deal and the peace of mind is worth it. I no longer have to worry , “Did I remember to lock the door?”



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