Beer of the Month: Mar 2013

I had a lot of beer last month, a large portion of which was at breweries, which is always a good thing. I’ve included links to the beers I’ve previously reviewed but had no new insights about. If you have any suggestions for improving the readability of these posts, let me know in the comments. Happy April / NC Beer Month!

  • Mash House Brewery & Chophouse – This is a really great restaurant & brewery in Fayetteville, NC. All the food we had was delicious, even if the beers weren’t world-changing. I had a four 4oz beer tasting tray. None of the beers had any sort of head or lacing whatsoever, which was disappointing, though not exactly surprising for such a short pour. Also, most of them had no aroma at all, or I had to really concentrate to detect even the slightest scent.
    • Blonde –  4.5% – lemon & banana on the nose, taste is soft cheese, maybe gouda. Crisp, almost cidery mouthfeel, light carb. The more of it I drink, the more gouda I get, to the point where by the end I’m drinking cheese. And just in case you think I’m crazy, I’m not the only one who thought this.
    • Irish Red – 5.0% – a little bit of grapes in the nose. Straightforward red, kinda earthy with a spice I can’t quite place. Second favorite MH brew.
    • IPA – 5.9% –  hoppy and floral, a pretty complex layering of the hops, and a very good beer overall. Best one of the 4 I tried at MH.
    • Hefeweizen – 5.0% – standard wheat beer, some more banana here, but definitely better than the blonde. I wouldn’t get this again, but that’s just because the IPA and Red are so much better. The mouthfeel was closer to an American wheat than a traditional hefeweizen, which is weird because this beer was so cloudy.

  • Magic Hat Pistil – bottle – 4.5% ABV – February 2013
  • Foothills Hoppyum IPA – bottle – 6.2% ABV – With 4 types of hops swirling around in this beer, it’s easy to call it complex, but they all work together well. It’s not astringent and has a pleasant, clean mouthfeel. The bitterness is balanced by the pine and citrus notes, of which the latter is more pronounced. The head dissipates quickly, leaving moderate lacing. This one is well on its way to becoming my go-to IPA.
  • 21st Amendment Bitter American Pale Ale – can – 4.4% ABV – Reminds me a lot of New Belgium’s Ranger, but with less bitterness.
  • Uinta Baba Black Lager – bottle – 4.0% ABV – Uinta knows how to make black beer, that’s for sure. Dubhe is definitely still my favorite from them, but this lager is very smooth and clean on the palate, but with more body than a pale lager.
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA – bottle – 7.2% ABV – excellent American IPA. I can taste the “extra” – extra hoppy, extra dry (though not astringent – nice!), and at a great price, at least where I am.
  • Magic Hat #9 – bottle – 5.1% ABV – kind of melony, and I certainly miss the hops. Kind of wish it were a not not quite pale ale. Like… Just a pale ale.
  • New Belgium + Dieu du Ciel Heavenly Feijoa Tripel (Lips of Faith) – bottle – 9.4% ABV – Lips of Faith can always be counted on to provide a unique beer experience. It’s not the best one I’ve had, but the feijoa’s guava-like flavor adds a fruitiness to the tripel base that is strange, though definitely not bad. Dieu du Ciel is also on my list of places to visit if I ever get up to Montreal.
  • Foothills BBL Aged People’s Porter – bottle – 6.0% ABV – Very nice! I’m not usually a fan of porters, or even People’s Porter, but the bourbon barrel aging really nails it. No fancy tasting notes on this one, but I loved it and highly recommend it.
  • Foothills Seeing Double IPA – bottle – 9.5% ABV – Smells citrusy, pours a light head that hangs around a bit, leaves pretty heavy lacing. Tastes strong, but not boozy. It’s really one of the best double IPAs I’ve had.
  • Lonerider Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen – bottle – 5.3% ABV – Interesting what a couple weeks can do. I was really excited about it when I first had it, but now it’s too sharp on the tongue, has too much bite, not enough flavor. Last month it rose so high, only to fall to the bottom of the list this month. Well, almost the bottom; it’s certainly not as bad as #9.
  • Aviator Brewing Company

    • McGritty’s Scotch Ale – draft – 6.4% ABV – Just what I’ve been craving for the past couple months. A wonderful example of the style. Not too smoky, which as you may know is a huge negative from me. Just thinking about that awful Voodoo Bacon Maple beer gives me the shivers.
    • Hogwild IPA – draft – 6.7% ABV – A bitter powerhouse, with so many IBUs that Aviator’s site just says “a lot.” It really hits you in the back of the throat with the hops, which I find quite enjoyable.
  • Trophy Brewing & Pizza Company – They’re a little light on the pizza at the moment as they’re still finishing construction, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to enjoy Trophy’s unique and interesting brews with some tasty pizza.

    • Rose Gose – draft – 3.6% ABV – ROSEMARY! The last gose I had left a lot to be desired in terms of flavor and aroma, but now I know that was not simply a gose thing. This one smells floral, as you’d expect from the name, with almost no head in the Trophy-branded tulip glass. When I started drinking it I couldn’t place the flavor, I think since I was expecting rose, but it finally hit me that it’s all rosemary! If you don’t like the herb, steer clear of this one, but I thought it was great.
    • Best in Show Saison – draft – 6.75% ABV – Sadly I didn’t take any notes on this one. Blame Sprint’s coverage in Raleigh, or the Google Docs app failing to access my “offline” docs. All I know is I gave it a 4.5/5 on Untappd, so it was really really good.
    • The King PB & Banana Sandwich Dubbel – draft – 6.3% ABV – I only had a taste of this, but the name doesn’t lie. It tastes like a peanut butter and banana sandwich, right down to the breadiness you get from the dubbel. I wouldn’t want a whole pint of this, but it would make a great dessert beer.
  • Fullsteam Brewing
    • Rocket Science IPA – draft – 6.8% ABV – Nice and hoppy, with a great grapefruit flavor. Very smooth and easy-drinking.
    • Beasley’s Honey White – draft – 5.5% ABV – I have never had a beer quite like it. With a name like “honey white,” you expect the sweetness that hits you right off the bat, but by the end of the pint your eyes are almost watering from the intense pepper flavor. The spiciness lingered in my mouth for a long while after I finished the beer. This is one I’ll be revisiting.
  • Bridgeport Hop Czar – bottle – 7.5% ABV – Bridgeport’s site claims high hop bitterness in this one, and while it’s wonderfully hopped, it’s also really smooth. That’s one of my favorite things about imperial IPAs, they’re almost always incredibly smooth, even with the high gravity and hop content.
  • Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company
    • Shiva IPA – draft – 6.0% ABV – A fairly standard IPA with citrus, mainly grapefruit, notes.
    • Fire Escape – draft – 5.5% ABV – I am a big fan of spicy beers, as evidenced above, and while this isn’t the best one I’ve had, the jalapeño in this beer is on top the whole time. My throat was hoarse after finishing it, but it was delicious. By the way, the best spicy beer I’ve ever had is the Sigda’s Green Chili at Coopersmith’s in Fort Collins, CO. If you’re ever in the area, check it out.
  • Bridgeport Ebenezer Ale – bottle – 6.4% ABV – A very wintry porter. Super malty and lightly hopped, a good warmer.

And the winner is…


Beasley’ Honey White! It was so interesting and different from anything else I had, I just couldn’t let it slip through without getting recognized. Thanks for reading!

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