Cat Ladies not Christian Lobbies!

I love this. The Australian Christian Lobby neglected to register, so the loving, accepting members of the Australian Cat Ladies snatched it up and are spreading messages of inclusiveness, as well as lots of cat GIFs. Here’s a snippet from their latest post, in which they are rightly MEOWtraged (hehe…he) at someone registering and redirecting it to (gasp) a Google Image search for DOGS!

Dear faithful Cat Ladies,  Cat Lady allies, and other readers,

It has come to our attention that some ne’er-do-well has purchased the domain name and has redirected it to a similarly-titled organisation’s website,

[UPDATE: Apparently it now redirects to a Google Image Search for ‘dogs’. THIS IS EVEN WORSE.]

But I’m sure they’ll make it past this hurdle and go on to great things.

via The Friendly Atheist

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