Wesley’s Wine of the Week (Ascención 2010)


Ascención is a Malbec from Salta, Argentina. The Malbec originated in Cahors, France but was introduced to Argentina in 1868. It’s now Argentina’s flagship red. The ample sunshine and high altitudes make for a more mature and less-tannic varity than the French.

This particular Malbec came in my quarterly Laithwaites wine shipment. We paired it with barbecued lamb kebabs (recipe from this amazing book) and served at room temperature.


The appearance was deep red, with an aroma of cherries and oak. It was full bodied and much bolder than I was expecting; next time I might try decanting it. Behind the tannins, there were notes of cherries and vanilla. The lamb was a great pairing and really brought out the flavors.

In all, not bad; I give it 3.5/5 stars and would definitely drink it again (which is good, because I have another bottle).

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