Wesley’s Wine of the Week (Il Pino 2011)


Il Pino is a Pinot Grigio from Giuseppe Secchi’s vineyard in Venezie. This region in northern Italy is known for large day-to-night temperature fluctuations which balance fruit flavor and acidity, also making this a popular area for Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco.

We served it well chilled and paired with boiled snow crab legs and a mixed green salad.


The appearance was light gold and leggy. The aroma, citrus and apricot. On attack, a light balance of dry and sweet. Our guests described it as soft and refreshing. In evolution, there were gentle notes of apples and peaches. Finally, a mild stony finish. The crab legs were a good pairing, though frankly this wine would have gone well with most anything.

I really liked the muted symmetry of this wine, though my wife and guests preferred the explosive flavor of the Kora Sauvignon Blanc we also served. I give it 4/5 stars and will be ordering additional bottles.

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