Ted’s Beer of the Month: Apr 2013

lafolieWelcome to the third installment of my monthly beer list (now marked as mine thanks to Wesley’s Wine of the Week)! Due to the length and tedium of the last two posts, I’m tweaking the format a bit, so I’ll only share the interesting beers that I drink in the month. Say farewell to the Yuengling and all (well, most) repeats. From here on out it’s all going to be new and interesting brews, or old favorites that I just really really love and can’t stop talking about.

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat – bottle – 4.4% ABV – Lemony aroma, pale foamy head that hangs around but leaves very little lacing. The color is bright yellow and very hazy. The taste is slightly tart, with a good wheat flavor and some hops to embolden it. I didn’t fruit this one, and it didn’t need it, although a small slice of lemon might be worth a try.

New Belgium La Folie Sour Brown Ale (Lips of Faith) – bottle – 6% ABV – Tan head with  large bubbles that dissipate quickly, leaving no lacing and a little ring around the edge. Smells DELIGHTFUL! Tangy scent, with a little cherry. I poured this one right out of the fridge, so I drank it slowly to let it warm up. The warmer it gets, the sourer it gets, and that is awesome. It tastes like all the best sour flavors (apple, cherry, citrus) rolled up into one delicious package.

Bull City Burger & Brewery – their food is delicious! I got the Green Monster burger, and I tried the vegetarian Chipotle chili, and they were both excellent. I also tried the sweet potato Fries, pickle chips, and griddled lemon cake. I highly recommend the cake.

  • Wa Wa Yonda Blonda blonde stout – draft – 5.2% ABV – Smells like fresh grains, tastes like the sharpest tripel ever. The first blonde stout I’ve ever had, so not entirely sure what to expect. The longer I drank it the less I liked it.
  • Morven’s Alley American IPA – draft – Way, way too sweet for an IPA. Maybe this batch was little off or something, because almost all the hoppiness was plowed under by the raging sweetness.
  • Jack Tar Dry Irish Stout – draft – I only had a few sips of this one, but it was the best beer I had at the brewery.

Oskar Blues Old Chub – draft – 8% ABV – Drinking this makes me want to do a happy dance. It’s just so rich and peaty and wonderful. Having it on tap just makes it better. This one’s destined to be my standby scotch ale, and since it’s brewed in the town where I used to work, takes me back to Colorado!

Widmer Brothers O’Ryely IPA – bottle – 6.4% ABV – two-finger off-white head that disperses into a thin haze with moderate lacing. Hoppy aroma that’s a blend of citrus and hemp. The rye is pretty subtle in this one, and the hemp-like hop flavor, not one of my favorites, is pretty strong. I also have kind of a headache and my allergies are acting up, so take this review with a grain of salt.

Weyerbacher Heresy Imperial Whiskey Stout – bottle – 8% ABV – Half a finger of thick head the color of espresso crema, aroma has notes of caramel and whiskey and a hint of smoke. Not too boozy at first taste, but quite sweet with some chocolate and oak undertones. Waited for it to warm up a little, and the flavor really rounds out. Definitely drink this one at cellar temp. I would love to try this one on nitro.

Natty Greene’s Pub & Brewing Co.

  • Hessian Hefeweizen – draft – 5% ABV – Drank this one with a lemon slice, which complemented the sweetness and natural lemon notes in the beer. Would definitely drink this one again.
  • Swamp Fox Belgian Blonde – draft – 7.3% ABV – I love Belgians, and this one’s no exception. Nice notes of banana in aroma and flavor, though not nearly as much as New Belgium’s Abbey. Stiff but not harsh at its relatively high ABV.

Foothills People’s Porter – bottle – 5.8% ABV – Short tan head, aroma of roasted malts. Lightly sweet and great toasty porter flavor. It really opens up as it warms, so I’m going to take the last bottles from this 6-pack out of the fridge for about half an hour before I pour them. It’s not as good as the bourbon barrel aged version, but really, what is?

Augh! So many great beers this month, so hard to choose! But the winner is…

Weyerbacher Heresy!

This powerful beer was fantastic from start to finish, it made me sad that I only had one. See you next month!

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