Wesley’s Wine of the Week (Ricochet Chardonnay 2010)


Ricochet Chardonnay was crafted on the Sonoma Coast. The region is known for cool fogs, abundant sunshine, and producing pretty much all types of wine. I’m going to preface this review by saying I’m generally not a fan of New World Chardonnays, so prepare for bias.

We served it lightly chilled and paired with my homemade tandoori chicken and cordiander sauce (both from the Barbecue! Bible).


The appearance was pale lemon. The aroma, citrus. On attack, this wine was bad: astringent and dry with a creamy mouthfeel. On evolution it turned worse; coarse and very green. The far-too-long finish (which the tasting notes described as buttery) was flat.

My wife and I were not able to finish the bottle; we poured it out. I give it 1/5 stars and would not recommend.

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