When is Duck Season, you ask? Find out right here!

When is Duck Season?Duck hunting rules can be so complex. How many ducks can you take in a day? How many of those can be fulvous whistling ducks? Can you hunt with a crossbow? If a train leaves Chicago going west at 50 mph and travels until it reaches the Kansas Late Zone hunting area, how long did it take? So many questions!

Take a breath, we’re here for you. HolCope Computing just launched When Is Duck Season? It’s the only site on the internet where you can find the latest duck hunting regulations for every state in the U.S. We’ll come back and keep the site up-to-date every year shortly after the new regulations come out in late summer, so you’ll never need to miss a duck day again!

Worried about those math problems from earlier? We also tell you the crucial technical details you need to know:

  • Bag Limits
  • Shooting Hours
  • Arms & ammunition requirements

So quit worrying and start planning your first big duck hunt!

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