Ted’s Beer of the Month: May 2013

Beer post #4. Now with more puns!

Trophy Brewing – These brewers are alwaystrophy trying something new, and I love that. The day I went they had opened up the rest of the place, so there is much more seating now, and it looks like they’re gearing up to start serving pizza very soon, which is exciting.

  • Gold Rush California Common Lager – draft – 5.5% ABV – Also known as a “Steam Beer” (unless Anchor Brewing is listening, ssh!) Nice hop flavor with a touch of smoke in the finish. Great balance of sweet and bitter. Probably my favorite lager ever.
  • Best in Show Citra Saison – draft – 6.75% ABV – The nose is all citrusy hop aroma. Super hoppy and bitter, but with that saison zing in the finish.

Highland Gaelic Ale – bottle – 5.6% ABV – Deep amber color with light-tan head that drops slowly leaving heavy lacing and thin layer of foam on top. Slight aroma of citrusy hops with notes of malt. Like an orange/lemon hybrid (lemorange? orangemon?) cut open next to some freshly baked bread. First taste is very light, like an IPA and a bright lager had a forbidden love-child. Malty and sweet on the backend with a nice tangy finish. I’m not sure exactly what’s “Gaelic” about this, but it’s easy-drinking I like it pretty well. In fact, I like it enough that…IRISH I HAD ANOTHER!

Highland Imperial Kashmir IPA – bottle – 10.2% ABV –imp_label Pours pale orange with a short head that fades quickly leaving little lacing. The aroma is very light and citrusy. It’s crazily hoppy and sweet and very bitter, bitter…to the end. The alcohol burn isn’t as pronounced as I expected, but it’s still really strong. It’s a fine IIPA, but I’d much rather go for Foothills’ Seeing Double IPA.

Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre – bottle – 8% ABV – A deep amber/red color with a finger and a half of dense off-white head that leaves heavy lacing. Smells like raisins and molasses and roasted malts. Very rich. The taste is very sweet, a little coppery. It has the tang of a belgian strong and the body of a barleywine, but without any of the burn that usually accompanies those styles. It’s not a beer I’d drink every day, but…I wouldn’t need much of a RAISIN…

Odell Amuste Wine Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter – draft – 9.3% ABV – looks and smells like a hefty porter. First taste has a lot of dark malts and cherry notes. Very smooth mouthfeel, and a warming alcohol finish that rounds nicely with oak notes. If you’re lucky enough to be in the painfully small Odell distribution area, you (ahem) simply aMUSTe try it!

Blue Pants Weedy’s Double Knee Double IPA – draft – 8.5% ABV – A strong citrus aroma, and more citrus flavor throughout. At 175 IBUs, it’s bitter, but with the smoothed-out bitterness you see in good DIPAs. I didn’t know Madison had a brewery, but I’ll definitely have to pay the taproom a visit next time I’m in town, and denim gonna drink some!

Big Boss Night Knight Black IPA – bottle – 6.5% ABV – Smoky and hoppy, it’s not my favorite example of the style, but definitely tasty. No puns on this one, dear readers. Black IPA is serious business.

Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout – bottle – 11% ABV – Right out of the fridge, pours black and opaque with a slim head the color of espresso crema. Aroma is heavy on the coffee, with the 11% alcohol content coming through quite clearly in some bourbon notes. Smells delicious, like an Irish coffee. Taste is quite sweet, with more bourbon flavors and a half hop, half coffee bitterness. The finish is smooth, with notes of dark chocolate and a slight burn. After the bottle warmed a bit, I was able to get a respectable one finger head out of it, and the malt character has increased substantially over the first taste. It’s definitely a slow-sipping beer, so don’t go Russian into it!

And the winner of this month’s crop is…

amuste-bottle-glassAMUSTE! From the moment I read about this one, I wanted, perhaps needed, to try it, so there was a ton of build-up, and it did not disappoint. Raison D’Etre comes in at a close second,  but its sweetness starts wearing on me about 3/4 of the way through the glass.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you enjoyed my puns or…OR ELSE.

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