Unboxing and Review of the Pebble E-Ink Smart Watch


We all know I love tech watches. My last smart watch was the Sony SmartWatch. While it was a neat toy, the battery life steadily deteriorated until I was charging it nearly every night. Further, the app/watchface ecosystem was just not there. I eventually stopped wearing it regularly and only brought it out on special occasions.

That’s why, nearly 8 months ago, I pre-ordered the Kickstarter-funded Pebble E-Ink smart watch. It finally came in! By now, I’m one of the last people on the planet to get one, but I’ll go on and unbox/review it for you.

The Unboxing

The Facts

The watch is light, but solidly built. It paired fairly easily with my Samsung Galaxy Note. The Pebble App lets you send some sample text/call notifications. Here are some shots below:


After playing with the default notifications and watchfaces, I started looking for some more interesting stuff to do with it. I was surprised to find that there is no official Pebble App store. You basically just troll the web for .txt files which the Pebble App interprets as watch faces. Here are some of the sites I checked out:




From there, I was able to load up the following cool watch faces (including a playable Tetris game):





The Verdict

I like the look – it’s sleek and chic and I’ve received a lot of compliments. The battery life is good – I’ve been wearing it an entire week and I’m still on the initial charge. I’m not wild about the crazy state of the app ecosystem, but I’m willing to overlook it given the sheer number of watch faces and apps available. I’m a little peeved it took nearly 8 months to arrive, especially since they started selling them at Best Buy before I received my pre-order.

In the end, it’s a great little smart watch. In fact, it’s the best smart watch available. If you’re in the market for a smart watch, it’s a no-brainer. But this doesn’t feel like a game-changer to me. I don’t expect to start seeing Pebbles on every wrist, especially with the media darling wearable Google Glass right around the corner.

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