Google Glass in Durham this Saturday, October 5th

The very instant I read that the Google Glass tour was kicking off in Durham, I jumped over to the RSVP site and put my name in. That was a couple weeks ago, and I hadn’t heard anything since. Frankly I was starting to worry that I had done something wrong and missed the boat, until this morning when my confirmation arrived!

If you have any questions you want answered or anything in particular you want me to try on Glass, let me know in the comments.


I’m really excited to be going, and I plan on taking lots of pictures and doing a full write-up when I get home. Here’s the rest of the confirmation email, apart from some location and parking info, which didn’t seem exciting enough to post here.


Leave your Glasses behind: If you wear glasses or contacts, please put contacts in for the event. If you only wear glasses we’ll do our best to fit Glass over your frames, but your experience will be much better with contacts.

Kids and teens: Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children under 15 may attend the event with a parent or guardian, but won’t be able to try on Glass.

Worth the wait: Due to the overwhelming response we’ve received, there may be a line on Saturday. We appreciate your patience and we’ll do our best to move the line as quickly as possible so everyone gets to try Glass.

You’re in: Again, due to the overwhelming response, only people who have RSVPed can attend. This email officially confirms that we’ve got you on the list.

Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

– Glass Team

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