Where’s the Hyperloop Kickstarter? I need to give it all my money, STAT.

Hyperloop travel times from Durham, NC

Someone over at PopSci just made the best case for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop that I’ve seen yet. Most of the press so far has naturally focused on the speed and convenience of travel, but primarily within California, as that’s where it would undoubtedly start. Taking it several dozen steps further though, Katie Peek & Michael Kelly created an interactive map of the US on Hyperloop, and it’s magical. Having a system like this makes the entire country accessible in a trivial amount of time. Traveling through Europe is made so nice by the excellent rail system, and I would love the US to have something similar (or better!) Here’s a sampling of how long it currently takes me to drive or fly (depending on my usual travel method) to see friends & family compared with how long the hyperloop would take:

  • Albuquerque, NM
    • 5:30 flight
    • 2:30 hyperloop
  • Atlanta, GA
    • 6:00 drive
    • 1:00 hyperloop
  • Austin, TX
    • 4:30 flight
    • 2:45 hyperloop
  • Denver, CO
    • 4:00 flight
    • 2:30 hyperloop
  •  Lexington, KY
    • 8:00 drive
    • 1:00 hyperloop
  • Memphis, TN
    • 11:00 drive
    • 1:15 hyperloop
  • Pensacola, FL
    • 11:00 drive
    • 1:30 hyperloop

Suffice it to say that I think we should cancel all federal projects and funnel every penny into this. That’s a reasonable proposal, right?

via Popular Science | Interactive Infographic: What Would A Hyperloop Nation Look Like?

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One Response to Where’s the Hyperloop Kickstarter? I need to give it all my money, STAT.

  1. Maybe we should save some of our money for the expenses of daily living? But I agree that this is awesome x infinity