An Illustrated Silmarillion – yes!


Aaron Diaz, the author of the Dresden Codak series of comics — something I’ve heard great things about and likely will start reading now — has done something awesome. About a month ago, he started a side project illustrating the various chapters of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion along with a little background and his thought process as he worked out his vision for each chapter. It’s certainly not anywhere near Tolkien’s distinctive artistic style, but I think it beautifully captures the themes of the book. Knowing that Tolkien had strong opinions about others’ artistic interpretations of his world, I wonder what he would have thought of Diaz’ renditions.

If Diaz’s style isn’t quite your thing, you can check out Evan Palmer’s Ainulindalë comic, which is a full watercolor rendering of the Silmarillion’s creation story, and is also very pretty.

Source | The Silmarillion Project

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