io9’s Top SciFi/Fantasy Shorts of 2013


Every year around this time (since 2011), io9, puts together what they consider the best shorts from the previous year. I just finished watching the last one from this year’s crop, and I have to share. I’ve embedded two of my favorites below.

The first is “Requiem for Romance,” a heartbreaking and beautifully animated film that interprets a present-day break-up phone call as a duel set in feudal China.

The second is the wildly popular Bee and PuppyCat, which I just now got around to seeing. It’s absurd and funny and you may think it’s stupid, and that’s okay. You’re wrong, but I forgive you.

I highly recommend going to the source link and watching the rest of them, they’re all pretty great.

via io9 | The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Films of 2013

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