Wesley’s Wine Club (February 2014)

DSC00125In our monthly wine club, we’re working through the suggested tastings in Great Wine Made Simple: Straight Talk from a Master Sommelier. I’m just going to be giving a quick run-down of this month’s wines. All were served slightly chilled.


2010 Louis Jadot Pinot Noir

This Burgundy Pinot Noir was ruby-colored and leggy. Cherry on the nose, bold and tannic, with a medium finish. This was the evening’s favorite. I give it a 5/5 and would definitely drink again.


2008 Sierra Peaks Pinot Noir

This Oregon Pinot Noir was very similar in appearance to the other wines. It was earthy on the nose, off-dry, and tight, with a short finish. This one was not well-received, and I give it 2/5 stars.


2011 MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir

This was a welcome revisiting of a Sonoma wine I first tasted in August. Medium-bodied and wonderfully balanced. On revisiting and in comparison to the Louis Jadot, I’m downgrading to a 4/5 stars from my previous 5/5, but I’m still a big fan.

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