Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot Glass Clone

cookiecup6 This Sunday at South By Southwest, Dominique Ansel (inventor of the cronut) will be debuting a delicious-looking chocolate chip cookie milk shot glass. Prior to the big reveal, he posted a widely-publicized sneak peek on his Instagram account. Despite some claims of an “extra aerated” dough, the cups just looked like normal cookies. So I figured it couldn’t be too hard to make my own.

I began by mixing up the dough following a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe. I happened to use this one from AllRecipes, minus the baking powder. I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t work just as well with most any recipe, so long as you don’t add too many wet ingredients; this endeavor is not about moist cookies.

From there, the next piece was this Freshware 6-Cavity Beveled Ice Shot Glass Silicone Mold. Although it’s intended for making frozen shot glasses, it’s food-grade silicone with a manufacturer rating for use from -40 to 440 degrees.


I sprayed the mold with an extra-generous coating of baking spray, then spooned the mixed dough down into the mold. I used a butter knife to ensure the dough made it all the way to the bottom of each cavity, leaving a little room at the top to allow the dough to expand during baking.


I baked these on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. I then left them to cool for another 30 minutes.

cookiecup3Afterwards, I carefully turned each cavity of the mold inside-out. They came out pretty easily, with a little gentle prying from a butter knife.


They came out looking fairly solid, so I figured we’d try pouring milk into one. It was an unmitigated disaster, with milk immediately seeping through the cookie onto the floor. We didn’t even get a picture of this, since the milk basically drained out as fast as I could pour. While the dogs were thrilled with this turn of events, my wife was less than impressed.

But I had prepared for this eventuality by purchasing some melting chocolate. I heated it up in the microwave, and used my trusty butter knife to apply a thin layer on the inside of each cup. You can see it if you look closely in the picture below.


I let those chill in the refrigerator for about an hour, then came the moment of truth…


I poured in the milk, and it held! At least initially. After a minute it started to leak a little. You can see the tiny drip of milk starting to form on the plate below.


Nonetheless, I’m calling this a success. I think if I’d applied the chocolate a little thicker and more carefully, we would have had a long-lasting milk-tight barrier. Also, the thing doesn’t have to hold up long.

I ate/drank this by sipping a little milk, breaking off a piece of the cup, dunking it in the milk, eating, and so on. While I can’t say it’s really an improvement on the age-old milk and cookie recipe, it’s would be a fun novelty to bust out for parties.


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