Pancake battle: Man vs Machine


A few weeks ago, the blogs I follow seemed to have had pancake fever. I personally saw more than three posts about pancakes while scrolling through Newsblur (my feed aggregator of choice). More than three may not seem like a lot to you, but consider the typical frequency of posts about pancakes on any blog that’s not actually about pancakes. Pretty low, right? Moving on…

Many of the pancake articles I saw were about Saipancakes, a photo blog run by an awesome dad who makes pancake art. These are seriously the most beautiful flapjacks I’ve ever seen. Here’s a sample, but definitely head over there and scroll through the massive archive of beautiful pancakes.

So after about an hour of marveling at the Saipancakes, I resumed my RSS reading, and almost immediately came upon this post over at MAKE about a pancake-drawing robot being shown off at the Bay Area Maker Faire going on now. Check out the video:

Now all I can think about is a John-Henry-vs-Steam-Hammer style battle between the Saipancakes guy and the Pancake Bot. Somebody please make this happen.

Top GIF courtesy of Tumblr…where else? (these-lumping-lumps)

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