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  • Ted’s Beer of the Month: Nov/Dec 2014


    I think this will be my last BOTM post, at least for now. I find myself much less willing to write in-depth beer reviews than I used to, and putting this out every month has become a chore rather than an enjoyable pastime. I’ll probably end up writing one-off beer reviews as I find new and noteworthy brews, which will be more thoughtfully written since I won’t feel under the gun to churn them out. Thanks to anyone who’s followed my ramblings this far, I hope to produce higher quality content in the future!

    Alright, on to the good stuff. I’ve had some fantastic beers in the last two months, so at least we’re going out with a bang.

    stoplight_grnTröegs Perpetual Imperial Pale Ale – 7.5% – bottle

    This is a tricky one, since even though there’s a big “IPA” on the bottle, the small print on the bottle indicates that this stands for Imperial Pale Ale. It’s confusing, but at least I know I’m not the only one, because when I checked into this beer on Untappd, I got TWO badges, one for Pale Ales and another for IPAs. It’s a mystery, but at least it’s delicious. It showcases its hops without smacking you in the face with them. Its pine and floral notes dominate, but they don’t overpower the malts, which often happens with American IPAs.

    stoplight_ylwStone Coffee Milk Stout – 4.2% – bottle

    While browsing my local Crafty Beer Shop, where every 6-pack is build-your-own, I decided to forego variety for once and get a full sixer of this one. Call it a fit of madness, but I’m partial to both coffee and milk stouts, and it was nearly winter, so I figured why not? Well, it wasn’t a total disappointment, since it’s really smooth, but I get more bitter, smoky malts than coffee, and there are simply other milk stouts that are far better.

    stoplight_grnStone Enjoy By 12.26.14 IPA – 9.4% – bottle

    To give Stone a chance to redeem itself after the Milk Stout, I got this Enjoy By because it put me in the Wintermas spirit, and it was a good decision. Powerful bitterness runs throughout this one, because it’s from Stone, but it’s well-balanced by the sweet caramel flavors from the malts and the grapefruit peel and pine flavors of the hops. Now I kinda want to get another bottle and wait until December 27th to drink it, because I live on the edge.

    stoplight_grnArjay Hinek’s Applewood Smoked Porter – 5.8% – draft

    I have the good fortune to be part of a mature Agile team at my job, and to have a phenomenal Scrum Master in Arjay. But beyond his Scrum cred, he’s also a woodworker and homebrewer. (It’s a little scary sometimes how much our interests overlap) This week he brought in his latest creation, a (nearly) sessionable porter flavored with home-smoked applewood. If you’re a regular follower of this series, you know that I really don’t go for smoky beers, but this one was really good. The malts have the reins, and the smokiness is very mellow, rather than the bitterness I’m used to. I think that’s due to most smoky beers getting their smoke flavor from over-roasted (read: burned) malts. The more you drink this beer, the more you feel like you’ve been sitting next to a campfire, and how can that be bad? Sadly, none of you can have any, but hopefully I’ll get to drink more someday.

    Arjay blogs about Agile at So Agile It Hurts Sometimes.

    Fullsteam Fellowship of the Barrel


    Fullsteam Brewing in Durham is well-known as being one of my favorite local breweries. Even though I had a funky bottle of their IGOR last year, all other experiences with them have been fantastic, especially IGOR on draft. This year they threw a weekend-long tap takeover full of nothing but barrel-aged beers. Glorious, I know. If I could have stayed there for the entire time and tasted every beer, I totally would have. However, things like “feeding the animals (like Finnegan, up top)” and “fiscal responsibility” and “picking up my wife from the airport” got in the way. Sheesh.

    stoplight_grnFullsteam RABA Cack-A-Lacky – 5.5%

    Cack-a-Lacky is one of my favorite pale ales. It has such a nice bright ginger punch, it’s very effervescent, and the ABV is definitely low enough for this to be a lunch beer. Also it comes in cans, which is awesome. For this version, they aged it in Rhum Agricole (a.k.a. cane juice rum) barrels. Apart from a barely higher ABV (up from 5%) and a touch of woody depth, this basically tasted like standard Cack-a-Lacky. That is to say it was delicious, if not all that nuanced. If they do this again next year I’ll probably try something else in its place.

    stoplight_grnFullsteam 2013 IGOR – 9.0%

    IGOR, on the other hand, I will drink any time I can get my hands on it. Aged in a bourbon barrel, this smooth, chocolatey stout with great bourbon barrel notes was an instant favorite the moment I had it on draft.

    stoplight_ylwHaw River + Mystery Memorial Day 2012 – 5.4%

    This wild saison aged in brandy and red wine barrels was okay. I’m glad it was part of the festival, because they can’t all be pushing 10% ABV, but the red wine flavors were strange and a little over the top, given the already complex interplay between the mellow woodiness of the brandy and the sharp tang of the wild yeasts.

    stoplight_grnHighland McRooney Scotch Ale – 8.3%

    It doesn’t surpass Old Chub in my heart, but it’s still a delicious Scotch Ale, particularly with the addition of the whisky-barrel oak notes and the heightened ABV. It has that dense peatiness that you can feel in your teeth, which is something I love.

    stoplight_grnHaw River Major Arcana Sour Black Ale – 7.2%

    I definitely wasn’t expecting to see a sour at this event, but I’m glad I did, because this was an excellent beer. This is the first beer I’ve had where barrel-aging imparted a kind of lightness. Being a sour black ale, Major Arcana is a small-portion, small-sip kind of beer. The brandy barrel flavors, while not prominent, cut the sourness nicely and allowed me to experience the full range of flavors in the sour, rather than dwelling solely on the bite.

    perpetualOof, picking a winner this month is tough. I’m tempted to pick IGOR again, since it’s so fantastic, but I think that the Tröegs Perpetual IPA edges it out for me this time. There’s something special about that one, and it kind of renewed my interest in thoughtfully tasting beer. Maybe Pale Ales will be my next personal tasting focus, since historically they’ve taken a back seat to IPAs.

    Thanks for reading! As always, any recommendations are welcome in the comments.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Ted’s Beer of the Month: Oct 2014

    Sierra Nevada Snowpack

    Whoops, looks like I lost a month there. September wasn’t very interesting anyway, I mostly drank a lot of Big Boss Harvest Time, because it’s Fall and it’s delicious and I do what I want. On to October! This month I came across  Sierra Nevada’s Snowpack 12-pack, which contains these 4 winter-friendly brews…

    stoplight_grnCoffee Stout – 6.2%

    A thick, dark beer, this simply-named coffee stout smells great, with the coffee aroma coming through first, followed by a combination of dark roasted malts and fruity smokiness. Fruity smokiness may sound crazy, but its my nose, so stop judging me! I forgot about it let it warm up a bit before drinking it. Because I’m fancy. The flavor is understandably coffee-heavy, but there is a delicate caramel sweetness that comes along with the mild piney bitterness. I’m still not a fan of smoke flavor in beers, so this is not my favorite coffee stout. Still, it is well-balanced and a nice wintry beer.

    stoplight_grnBoomerang IPA – 6.7%

    The aroma is dank and herbal, and it has an impressively bitter punch right off  the bat. It’s very hoppy and resinous from start to finish, with grapefruit peel and pine flavors taking turns at the forefront. The malts provide a baseline sweetness, but mainly get out of way to let the hops shine. The finish is dry, and the bitterness lingers a long time. I wouldn’t put this IPA in my regular rotation, but it’s a good occasional beer for when you’re feeling especially bitter.

    stoplight_grnPorter – 5.6%

    Starting out with a malt-forward aroma with notes of chocolate and floral hops, this is a balanced porter with  great carbonation and a dry mouthfeel that just keeps pushing those malts to the forefront. More chocolate and coffee flavors come into play as it warms, with the hops giving a bitter nudge that’s just enough to offset the mild sweetness. The finish is moderately dry, and bitter. It’s a great example of the style, and maybe my favorite of this bunch.

    stoplight_grnPale Ale – 5.6%

    A good old standby, it has a snappy pine aroma underscored by caramel malt sweetness. The flavor has a mix of piney and mild citrusy hoppiness and caramel sweetness, with moderate bitterness coming in about halfway through and lingering for a while. The finish is sweet but well-balanced. I don’t like it as much as Torpedo, since as an American in my 20s I’m conditioned to love gratuitous levels of hoppiness. Still, it’s a good anchor for this 12-pack, and a good, easy-drinking beer to have around.

    The Verdict

    First of all, Happy Halloween! Also, I have no major complaints about any of these beers, they’re all pretty great! This is an excellent variety pack, particularly if you’re as ready for winter as I am.

    And while I’m not a huge football fan in general, I’m incredibly proud of my Mississippi State Bulldogs, for getting our state and our university some of the recognition it deserves!


  • Ted’s Beer of the Month: Aug 2014

    August! My birthday month! Sorry this post is so late, but I had a 5-day vacation right at the end of the month that threw me all out of whack. More on that in next month’s post.

    stoplight_ylwSam Adams Blueberry Hill Lager – bottle – 5.5%

    A hazy, yellow-orange lager with an aroma that’s a mix of light malts and sweet blueberry-like scents. It’s not a great smell, to be honest, a little garbagey. The flavor is sweet, with a pretty good blueberry flavor. The hop bitterness is very mild, and the main issue I have with the flavor is the low-quality aftertaste, just like any big-name lager. The finish is sticky, which I attribute to the sweetness of the blueberry. I haven’t had (or can’t recall) any other blueberry beers to compare this one with, but if you really like fruity brews, this one’s probably worth a try.

    Natural Selections: The Wake County Science & Brewers Expo

    Now that my wife Lindsey and I are official Raleighnians (it’s real, look it up), we’re trying to get more involved with the city. To that end, and also for my birthday, we went to the Natural Selections beer expo at the Raleigh Museum of Natural Sciences. Billed as “a one-of-a-kind evening of beer and science,” the three-hour event included a swath of local breweries, some big, some small, and a couple of talks about the science of beer. Sadly, because of timing, we chose to go get dinner rather than attend the talks. They sounded very interesting, but spending 3 hours tasting beer on an empty stomach is really not a good idea, so we stuck to tasting in the time we had before and after dinner.

    Here is an account of the beers I tried, based on the brief notes I took on my phone while walking around trying to look only mildly antisocial, rather than unbelievably antisocial. I doubt it worked.

    stoplight_ylwLynnwood Brewing Concern Hop on Top IPA – 7% – draft

    Bright bitterness with lots of pine and citrus. Heavy carbonations and a sticky finish. It’s an interesting beer, but not something I’d want a whole pint of.

    stoplight_redAviator Brewing Saison de Aviator – 6.5% – draft

    Oof. There’s something wrong with this batch, or maybe just this keg. I’m pretty sure I’ve had it before, but if so, it wasn’t anything like this. It’s cheesy and soapy, a little like a Flintstones vitamin actually. That’s fine as a vitamin flavor, delicious actually, but as a beer flavor? Not so much.

    stoplight_ylwBig Boss Oyster Gose – ABV Unknown – draft

    This is the most intriguing beer I had all night. It’s tart and salty, and it does taste like oysters. Definitely a small-portion, special mood kind of beer. Gose is such an interesting and versatile style. So far I’ve had a rosemary gose and a marionberry/hibiscus gose. I’d love to try more of them, any suggestions?

    stoplight_redGizmo Brewing Wild Wasp IPA – 6.8% – draft

    Musky and powerfully bitter. Some citrus notes too. I say leave that yeast in the wasp, it’s doing more good there than in here.

    stoplight_grnWhite Street Scottish Ale – 5.5% – draft

    A good solid Scottish ale, though it tastes like what most people would call a scotch ale. There seems to be a good bit of difference of opinion when it comes to what defines scotch vs scottish ale. All I know is that all of the scotch ales I’ve had have been earthy and rich, and the Scottish ales have all been sweeter and lighter. Regardless, it was a good beer.

    stoplight_grnRaleigh Brewing Big Squeeze – 6% – draft

    I’ve had this beer before, at a work function, but I don’t think I wrote about it.  It’s a really nice wheat beer, and the blood orange adds a fantastic tartness. I really think more beers should be infused with blood orange. More blood oranges for everyone!

    stoplight_redSub Noir Paul’s Brewtique Witbier + Lavender – 4.5% – draft

    Lavender is not my thing in beer, apparently, since this beer did not appeal to me. It tasted either like soap or perfume, neither of which is in the Pros column for me when it comes to beer flavors.

    stoplight_grnSub Noir Ginger Tripel – 9% – draft

    The ginger was surprisingly powerful in this beer. I thought it was tasty, though I admit I got it mostly to wash the taste of the lavender beer out of my mouth.

    stoplight_redFortnight Brewing Blonde Ale – 5% – draft

    Yuck. I can’t believe this had to be my last beer of the night. Simply terrible. This beer will definitely keep me from paying Fortnight a visit if I’m ever in the area.

    Busy Bee Sourfest 2014

    To further enhance the beer-fueled nature of my birthday weekend, I convinced my wife and some friends to go to Sourfest with me. It was crazy in there, but we managed to find a table up in The Hive and we sat down to enjoy some tart tastiness.

    stoplight_grnNew Belgium Love Felix – 7.5% – draft

    It’s not quite as sour as La Folie, and much lighter in color and body as well. It has some great cherry flavors and is incredibly refreshing. I could drink this all day.

    stoplight_grnBFM Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien – 11% – draft

    As soon as the bartender handed me my glass, he wiped this beer off the board, so I consider it a minor birthday miracle. An incredible beer. It’s mellow and tart, and I honestly would not peg it at 11%. It’s so smooth, with heavy oak and dark fruit flavors under the tartness. By the way, BFM stands for Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes, and I’m keeping an eye out for their beers from now on.

    I guess I have to pick a winner, so…

    1408916518283Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien it is! Far and away the best beer I had this month.

    Leave a comment and let me know what I should be drinking in September!


  • Ted’s Beer of the Month: Jun 2014

    Welcome one and all, great and small, to the hyper-hopped beer battle to end them all! This month I take THREE Double IPAs and THREE Imperial IPAs and pit them against one another in a winner-take-all free for all! I know as well as you that there’s no official difference between the Imperial IPA and Double IPA styles, but the brewer named it that way for a reason, and I mean to find out why. I haven’t had any of these before, so a portion of this month’s post is also expanding my knowledge of the style and maybe even finding a new favorite. No matter what happens, it’ll surely be a good month.

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  • Silipint Silicone Pint Glass Review


    Roughly one year ago, I had dinner and beer at Bull City Burger and Brewery. The dinner was delicious, the beer only okay. I noticed that they had some nice-looking frosted pint glasses for sale, so I bellied up to the bar to buy one (and get another beer while I’m there, because why not?), and I found out that it wasn’t a glass at all, but a flexible silicone Silipint! I had to check it out, so I forked over the $10 and took my “glass” home.

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  • Ted’s Beer of the Month: May 2014


    Hello dear friends and readers! I’m sorry this is so late, I was real busy last month doing dumb stuff like buying and moving into a house. No excuse for not blogging about beer, I know, but what’s done is done. Short post again because I’ve had so little time to explore beer in the past month, but here are the best and worst beers I drank during the month of May.

    I’ve got a special themed post planned for next month, full of high-gravity, heavily hopped goodness, so come back in a couple weeks!

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  • Oskar Blues Crowlers Are A Dangerous Thing

    Oskar Blues is an excellent brewery. Not only do they make Old Chub, which is dear to my heart, but they also pioneered the canned craft beer movement – and they have now taken it to the next level with the Crowler. It’s just what it sounds like, a (half) growler of delicious OB beer…IN A CAN! Next time I’m near Asheville I’m definitely campaigning for a stopover at the Tasty Weasel to give one of these beasts a try.

  • Ted’s Beer of the Month: Nov 2013

    Whew, October was an intense month. I think I learned a lot from all the different beers I tried, but I doubt I’ll do another beer-a-day month for a while. This month I decided to let the beers fall as they may, and there was a fair number, though slightly fewer than an average month. I’m always open to suggestions, so leave a comment if you’re so inclined! No pictures this month, because I’m lazy. DEAL WITH IT.

    Thomas Creek Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA – 7.5% – bottle

    Brownish-red with a massive cream-colored head. Smells nutty and coppery with a hint of orange peel and cocoa, just like the label says. Very bitter on the tongue right away, with a hefty alcohol bite. It’s one of the most interesting IPAs I’ve had, but the bitterness overwhelms it, particularly as it warms up. Not one I’m likely to buy again.

    Lagunitas Brown Shugga American Strong Ale – 9.9% – bottle

    Pours the brightest red I’ve ever seen in a beer with “brown” on the label. Aroma is full of hempy hop, brown sugar and oak. This is very high in malty sweetness. There’s some lacto acidity when it hits the back of my mouth, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it helps balance the intense sweetness. Another thing that sweetness does is dampen the alcohol bite almost to nonexistence. This does not drink like a 10%-er, which makes it dangerous. I picked this one up because the guy at the Total Wine told me to, and it was a good choice. I haven’t had much from Lagunitas in the past. I’ll have to change that.

    Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale – 7.5% – bottle

    Pale orange with a thin, light head, in this beer both “sumpin'”s (come at me, grammar peeps) definitely mean “hops.” Sweeter than your average IPA and just as hoppy, but with a little less malt balance than I’d expect. It’s a fabulous beer, but I can’t help but wonder if it might be improved with a touch more in the malt department. The mouthfeel is average and the finish is clean.

    Raleigh Brewing Company

    Grondzeiler maibock – 6.8% – draft

    Smells like your average pilsner, grass and light citrus. Pale yellow color and a short head. Even through its lagery nature, it has a good hop bite. I really like this one.

    Carl Won’t Stay in the Dang House Cherry Stout – 6.3% – draft

    I basically just taste smoky malts, and I Do. Not. Like it.

    Southern Tier 2XIPA – 8.2% – draft

    Reviewed in July, but this was my first time having it on draft. I didn’t get any of the sour aftertaste I noted in my earlier review, so maybe that was an issue with that bottle. If I try this one again I’ll be sure to look for that.

    Dark Horse Too Cream Stout – 7.5% – bottle

    Pours thick and black with a short brown head. There was tons of sediment in the bottle. Smells malty and lightly nutty with some raisin and lactose as well. Very typical for a cream stout, and very nice. All the flavors from the nose continue through to the taste, with the addition of some chocolate and dark roasted coffee. Finish is sweet and smoky. This is a great winter stout; I’d really like to try it on tap, especially a nitro tap.

    Evil Twin Yin Imperial Stout – 10% – bottle

    Pours black and opaque with a tan head and heavy lacing. Smells sweet and oaky with chocolate and roasted malts. Very very sweet on the first sip. A lot of standard stout flavors very well blended. The high alcohol content lends a nice bite and warming if slightly astringent finish. Next time I’ll have to get the Yang and blend them into a black and tan, which I’ve oddly never had.

    Country Boy Brewing Cliff Jumper IPA – 6.3% – growler

    Some of my family members are friends with the brewers here, so whenever I make the drive out to Kentucky I get to try something new from them. I have definitely been seeing an upward trend in the quality, and I’m looking forward to actually seeing the brewery in the next year or so. Cliff Jumper is a nice IPA. Pale orange with little head, though that’s probably due to my pouring it from a growler that had been sitting open a while. Citrussy hops rule the day with this beer, and its simplicity makes it very drinkable. If you’re in the Lexington area, give them a try!

    And the winner is…

    Dark Horse Too Cream Stout! I tried some weird ones this month – notably the chocolate orange IPA and the cherry stout, but Dark Horse came through with this wintry wonder, perfect for drinking slowly as you complain yet again about how early it gets dark this time of year. Happy December everyone!

  • Ted’s Beer of the Month: Oct 2013 (3 of 3)

    Welcome to the Halloween post!

    Whoa, WHOA, WHOA. I totally overshot the 21st and I am terribly sorry. I know you all wait for these posts with bated breath, so I hope no one suffocated this weekend. The last 11 days of October were good ones, so enjoy, and let me know what you think if you try any of these brews!

    10/21: Carolina Brewing Oktoberfest Lager – 5.6% ABV – bottle

    I drank this one out of the bottle, so I can’t speak very well to the color or aroma. I liked the heavy maltiness of it, and the mouthfeel was crisp and clean. I always like finding lagers I enjoy, since I primarily drink ales and I don’t want all the lagers to feel lonely and neglected. I don’t really like the style all that much in general, so I doubt I’ll get this one again, but as märzens go, it’s a good one.

    10/22: Boatswain H.L.V. (Heavy Lift Vessel) Ale – 7% – bottle

    Another bomber I bought at Trader Joe’s for just a couple bucks. It pours dark brown with a one-finger head that leaves moderate lacing. Aroma is roasted malts, raisins, and a good bit of booze. Flavor is a little bland, mostly dark malts and mild bitterness. It hangs around a good while, slowly fading away into bitterness. For the money, it’s a fine beer. No award winner, but it’s sure better than Simpler Times – not that that’s hard.

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  • Ted’s Beer of the Month: Oct 2013 (2 of 3)

    Have ten days gone by already? Well the month is flying by, but lucky for you, I have another ten beers for you. I must say, this was an exceptionally good ten days, beerwise. Have a look and let me know what you think in the comments.

    10/11: Duck Rabbit Milk Stout – 5.7% ABV – bottle

    When I poured this one right out of the fridge it foamed up sostoutlabelweb much it took me almost 10 minutes to get the whole bottle in the glass. It pours smooth and black, with no perceptible bubbles rising up the sides of the glass. If I were to measure the head in fingers, I’d probably have to say it was about 30, but after I let it quiet down and warm up a little, it settled to half a finger of stable foam, with no lacing to speak of. The aroma is sweet and smoky with dark roasted malt notes along with a twinge of burnt wood chips. The flavor is primarily the same dark roasted malts, though there’s also a subtle cocoa and vanilla flavors. The mouthfeel is thinner than most milk stouts I’ve had, and the finish is dry and mildly bitter. I like drinking this one at cellar temperature over fridge temp. It really helps release the flavors.


    10/12: Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre – 8% – bottle

    It’s a repeat, folks, you knew it had to happen someday. I had this one back in May, and liked it then, and I’m happy to say I still do. Pleasant grape flavors amid the malty sweetness and light tartness common to high-gravity ales.

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