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  • Sling TV $20 Cable Bundle Review

    We cut cable television out of our lives years ago. It was just stupid to pay $50 per month for a “basic” cable package full of channels we never watched. Instead, we’ve put that money towards a Netflix subscription, Hulu subscription, Spotify subscriptions, an MLB TV subscription, and buying/renting shows on Amazon streaming (and we still come out ahead to the tune of $10 per month).

    But there’s always been a small problem with this scheme: Sportball. Now, personally, I don’t watch Sportball myself. But my wife likes it, and frequently wants to have people over to watch the matches. But since we cut the cord, she’s been mostly out of luck, except for the games that are available on the local broadcast channels.

    So I decided to try out Sling TV’s $20 per month streaming cable service for cord-cutters. It includes pretty much the best channels from basic cable, including ESPN, Cartoon Network, and Disney. It also has a handful of optional channel packages for kids, sports, and news. Continue reading “<span class="entry-title-text">Sling TV $20 Cable Bundle Review</span>” »

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

    When Amazon announced their Fire TV Stick, I immediately snagged one. Unboxing and first thoughts below.



    On first boot, my wireless was easily detected and a software update was downloaded.


    On reboot, I was treated to a cute 5-minute video explaining the Fire TV Stick‘s operation.


    The Amazon Fire TV Stick does a good job playing Netflix, Hulu, and of course Amazon Prime videos. The UI while navigating through Amazon’s content is silky smooth.


    But swiping through Netflix and and Hulu’s titles is a little sluggish; better than my Samsung Smart TV but nowhere near as nice as my Roku. Nonetheless, all the streaming video plays in HD without hiccups.



    There is a fairly wide selection of games, but most of them require Amazon’s Fire Game Controller (sold separately). Those that work with the included Bluetooth remote (no line-of-sight required) work well.


    The Verdict

    In short, the Fire TV Stick is…. pretty much exactly what you’d expect: a solid, cheap entry into Amazon’s content library. If you caught the special $20 pricing for Prime members, it’s a steal. At the normal $40 price, I’d probably pay a little more for a Roku.

  • The Kindle Fire will have Netflix and Pandora at launch!


    As we got closer and closer to the Kindle Fire’s launch I was starting to get worried about the state of the Amazon App store (mainly, its lack of a Netflix app).  Even more paranoid, I also had some little whispering concerns in the back of my head that Amazon was going to try something awful like locking it’s awesome new tablet in to the Amazon streaming services.

    But no worries!  Gizmodo reports that the new Kindle Fire will be launching with Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, and all your favorite Android games next week.  Amazon is reviewing all the apps in their app store and beefing up the selection and compatibility for launch.

    I haven’t pre-ordered one, but this is just one more check on my checklist for purchasing one.  I’ll wait until the first reviews are out, but I’ll most likely be purchasing one in December.

    via Kindle Fire Will Have Apps for Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, and Tons of Games Next Week [Kindle Fire].

  • rabblerabbleNetflixrabblerabble


    I’ll admit that initially I was a tad miffed by the sudden price increase from Netflix, but after some deep and meaningful internal dialogue, I was fine with it. Happy even. I love Netflix, and I stream something from them nearly every day. I used to use the DVDs, but lately they’ve been more of a hassle than they’re worth, and I find the effort of walking over to the DVD player to be increasingly annoying as time goes by. In many cases where once I would have popped in a movie or TV show DVD, I will forego watching whatever that is and instead pick something from Netflix to stream. It helps that they have dozens of shows and movies that seem directed precisely at me. Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Documentaries are my go-to categories, and Netflix carries them in spades. Continue reading “<span class="entry-title-text">rabblerabbleNetflixrabblerabble</span>” »