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  • Around the world in a carry-on

    As some of you may know, I will soon be embarking on a 6-week round-the-world trip. My itinerary is:

    1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    2. Berlin, Germany
    3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    4. Rome, Italy
    5. Cape Town, South Africa
    6. Kruger National Park, South Africa
    7. Cairo, Egypt
    8. Luxor, Egypt
    9. Jerusalem, Israel
    10. Moscow, Russia
    11. Beijing, China
    12. Tokyo, Japan
    13. Kyoto, Japan
    14. Sydney, Australia

    I almost always travel with just a carry-on, but this is a must with the above itinerary which has so many destinations. I won’t be in any one place very long and will spend a big percentage of my time in transit; I won’t have time to deal with lost luggage or drag around a heavy suitcase. So as usual, I have condensed my luggage down to a small duffel bag and my GoRuck GR1 backpack.


    Having said that, the wide variety of destinations did present a packing challenge. Criss-crossing the equator, some locations will be hot (like Rio and Cape Town) while others will be chilly (like Berlin and Moscow). So in the interest of answering all at once the many folks asking what I’ve packed, below I’ve broken down my luggage item by item. Some of these items I purchased specifically for this trip, but I’ve had others for a long while (and field-tested on many previous trips). Continue reading “<span class="entry-title-text">Around the world in a carry-on</span>” »